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God’s Wrath Ghost Pepper Sauce

God’s Wrath Ghost Pepper Sauce. Come experience a pleasurable heat. This 15x  “Peoples Choice Award” winner is sure to be a favorite.

Smokey Habanero Sauce

Smokey Habanero! Experience the deep rich smoke flavor of our Smokey Habanero Sauce. full flavor with the heat that you LOVE!

The People's Hot Sauce

Our Featured Sauces

Big Red's Original Sauce

The Sauce that started it all. All natural, gluten free, 0 sugar, low sodium, mild hot sauce packed with full flavor. We call this sauce eggs best friend.

3 King’s Sauce

The 3 King’s sauce is made with the Ghost Pepper, Scorpion Pepper, and the Reaper Pepper. This is our hottest sauce, but it is also very flavorful.

Banana Reaper Split

Banana Reaper Split is a full flavored reaper sauce like none other. Banana within the first bite, but don’t let it fool you. This sauce packs a punch!

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The Journey

It Was Never Just About Sauce!

Big Red’s Hot Sauce is a family owned company, based out of Phoenix, AZ. Established in 2011.We wish we could tell you that we always wanted to do hot sauce, and that the recipes are 1,000,000 years old and, have been passed down from generation to generation, but, that’s not how this story goes. 

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What Our Fans Say


“Friendly service and when I say “I found the hot sauce I was searching for.” I mean it. The lady who helped me out give me tons of information about their sauces and went in depth with the details. She showed me three of their hottest salsas and told me they also focus on the flavor. I got the Three King’s which is their hottest and what’s great is that I can also taste the flavor like she said. I am definitely coming back for more.”


“Bought 3 bottles to try and had to go back the following week to buy more! SO good! Great flavor, not just heat like so many other brands.”


“Picked some up for the first time today at the farmers market in Glendale AZ and every flavor was delicious! I personally like the prickly pear sweet and spicy. I’m not a big fan of any hot sauce, however I am loving these and will definitely be buying more!”